FindBiometrics is Live at Money20/20

FindBiometrics is Live at Money20/20

Tracey Davies, Managing Director, Money20/20 takes the stage to kick off this week’s Las Vegas conference.

It’s time for the world’s biggest FinTech conference! Once again, FindBiometrics is bringing the biometric conversation to the nexus of financial industry disruption: Money20/20 Las Vegas. Join us all this week as we bring you reporting, industry analysis, panel recaps, photos and audio interviews straight from the show floor.

BREAKING: Money20/20 and FindBiometrics Enter Priemer Biometrics Media Partnership

The Woz Talks AI, Philosophy, and Biometric Convenience

Already, Money20/20 2017 is off to a strong start, beginning yesterday with the AI Deep Dive event presented in partnership with Feedzai. Apple co-founder and “father of the personal computer” Steve Wozniak brought some techno star power to the proceeding with this talk, The Woz on Empowering Humans with Tech. Wozniak’s conversation with CNBC technology reporter Deirdre Bosa was a fascinating and optimistic view of how AI and automaton can make the world better by enhancing our human experience. Touching on everything from the early history of AI, to Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity, Watson on Jeopardy!, and the philosophy behind war and mortality, the session busted myths about the self-driving car and assuaged fears of computer-human conflict.

As Bosa directed the discussion to the topics of wearables, Apple Pay, and the new iPhone X, Wozniak weighed in on his hopes for biometrics and the future of access control. Espousing on the critical convenience Touch ID brought to the mobile wallet, enabling mobile commerce solutions to compete with the credit card. As with so many topics, Wozniak’s response grew impassioned as Bosa probed for clarification. “But you like the convenience of just using your fingerprint to pay,” she said.

“I want that convenience for doing everything, everywhere,” said Wozniak. “I wanna take this watch and open up my house door, open up my car doors, open my business door. Pay for me. Everywhere. A ring. A little ring would be even better.”

FindBiometrics is Live at Money20/20

The Biometric Discussion is Just Starting

This morning is when biometrics are set to take over the discourse, the conversation being sparked by the annual FindBiometrics panel. At 10:40 AM local time, Peter O’Neill, president of FindBiometrics, will take the stage at The Venetian, along with an expert panel of identity experts – Rob Douglas, CEO BioConnect; Conor White, President, Americas, Daon; Toby Rush, CEO, EyeVerify; and David Pollington, Head of Services, GSMA – for Biometric FinTech in the Real World. The panel discussion will center the conversation around the convenient and secure biometric FinTech deployments of today, tackling real industry challenges and looking ahead to new opportunities in financial identity.

Stay posted to FindBiometrics all week for our Money20/20 biometrics coverage.