Feitian Teams with Fingerprint Cards for Biometric Sensor Tech

Feitian Teams with Fingerprint Cards for Biometric Sensor TechFingerprint Cards and Feitian have teamed up on biometric cards, announcing that the former’s T-Shape fingerprint sensor module will be incorporated into Feitian’s contactless payment cards.

It’s the latest twist in the rapidly evolving biometric payment cards industry, with Feitian previously having collaborated extensively with another fingerprint sensor specialist, IDEX. The two companies first announced their own biometric card solution just about a year ago, with IDEX announcing last week that a trial of Feitian payment cards featuring IDEX sensors had just got underway in Asia.

Now, Feitian appears to be throwing some weight behind Fingerprint Cards. In a statement announcing their collaboration, Feitian VP Yan Yan said, “We chose biometric technology from Fingerprints as they have the leading power consumption solution on the market and proven cutting-edge biometric performance”.

For its part, Fingerprints has also been highly active in the biometric cards space, having recently announced that its biometric technology had attained a new distribution channel through China-based card maker Silone CardTech, thanks to an agreement with Fingerprints’ partner Zwipe. Now, with another major partner onside, Fingerprints is poised to enter 2019 as one of the most prominent technology providers in the market before major launches of biometric payment cards get underway.

December 3, 2018 – by Alex Perala