Asian Bank Begins Trial of Feitian/IDEX Biometrics Payment Cards

Asian Bank Begins Trial of Feitian/IDEX Biometrics Payment CardsA trial of biometric payment cards featuring IDEX sensors is now underway in Asia, the company has announced.

It’s the product of IDEX’s partnership with Feitian, which developed a dual interface biometric payment card using an IDEX fingerprint sensor just about a year ago.

In a statement announcing the trial, IDEX did not name the end client conducting it, nor did it offer the specific location, saying only that “a customer in Asia” has commended the trial. But in his commentary on the development, IDEX CEO Stan Swearingen added that the client in question is a bank, and that “they have now commended piloting the product with their first customer.”

News of the trial suggests that IDEX’s biometric payment card efforts are continuing apace. In the company’s recent Q3 update, IDEX emphasized the potential in this emerging market area, and noted that it had shipped its first order of biometric payment card sensor during the quarter while a Mastercard trial got underway in Lebanon, with “multiple pilots” expected in Q4; so it’s a fair bet that more of these announcements will be forthcoming in the near-term.

Meanwhile, the company’s partner, Feitian, will showcase its IDEX-powered dual interface cards at next week’s 2018 Trustech event in Cannes.

November 20, 2018 – by Alex Perala