Facial Recognition Solution Lets Users Report Crime, Share Surveillance Data

Two UK-based companies have teamed up to offer an advanced facial recognition system for the law enforcement community. The partnership entails the combination of two complementary technology platforms from Allevate and Facewatch respectively.

Facial Recognition Solution Lets Users Report Crime, Share Surveillance DataFacewatch’s eponymous system is designed to let client companies report crimes and share CCTV images and video online. Meanwhile, Allevate’s newly-launched Face-Searcher is a cloud-based service that uses facial recognition technology to scan through images in order to detect and identify particular individuals.

Now, the partnership allows Facewatch users to get real-time alerts when individuals on Face-Searcher watch lists appear in their security camera feeds. And because the Facewatch allows clients to share images among other users in their subscribed groups, it allows such companies to work together to prevent crime even when police aren’t yet involved, such as in the case of a shoplifter repeatedly frequenting shops in the same area, for example.

Both platforms are benefitting from the MXSERVER platform upon which Face-Searcher is based, a cloud-based facial recognition system designed to process large amounts of data. The system recently became available to UK government agencies, and Facewatch and Allevate’s collaborative adaptation of the technology is launching in Brazil via domestic partner Staff Security Ltd.

August 19, 2016 – by Alex Perala