Facial Biometrics Replacing Passwords in Online Learning

Biometrics have a very special place in multilingual deployment scenarios. The human body speaks its own universal language of identity. We have seen this particularly benefit the healthcare industry through field deployments that leverage fingerprint biometrics to better keep track of health records regardless of language or literacy barriers. Now, we are beginning to see this philosophy applied to the space of online learning.

Biometric ID and motion analysis specialist KeyLemon SA announced yesterday that it has partnered with Swissteach AG in order to bring facial recognition sign-on to the Global Teach online learning management system. Currently a supplemental level of logical access security, the resultant demo solution uses 20 points of facial data to guard sensitive information.

“Controlling access to the system is a big part of the equation,” says Heinz Gerber, CEO of Swissteach. “But we’re also pleased by the language-independent nature of the solution. No matter where users live or how their names appear in various languages, logins are seamless, allowing users to concentrate on learning.”

Gilles Florey, CEO of KeyLemon goes on to speak about the benefits of software based technologies like this, “Our face recognition technology is available as an SDK with prebuilt libraries, as well as a cloud-based solution, as illustrated with the demo case. Rather than spending months recoding, we were able to implement sophisticated face recognition in a matter of days.”

In this particular situation the benefits of a contactless method of strong authentication are many. In terms of administrative costs, lost or forgotten password requests are immediately done away with (you can’t misspell or forget your face). Additionally, since Swissteach is a global learning service that reaches a number of different languages. By nature, biometrics are language agnostic, allowing for a universal sign-on process all over the world.

April 8, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter