EyeVerify Pivots to Asia, Rebrands as ‘Zoloz’

EyeVerify is changing its focus and its name. In a new post on the company’s blog, CEO Toby Rush has announced that the company’s new core mission is to provide a mobile-centric identity management platform to ‘underserved and underbanked’ individuals in the Asia region, and that the company is changing its name to Zoloz.EyeVerify Pivots to Asia, Rebrands as 'Zoloz'

The shift comes in the wake of China-based Ant Financial’s acquisition of EyeVerify last autumn. The purchase brought EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID technology, which authenticates users based on vascular patterns in their eyes, to numerous users of Alipay, Ant Financial’s mobile payments platform; and now, Ant Financial is evidently eager to broaden the scope of Eyeprint ID’s applications.

In his post, Rush explains that while the identity platform will mainly be targeted at the Asia region, the company is “exploring how to bring hosted identity solutions to customers in North America and Europe.” As for the name change, Rush says the company is rebranding as Zoloz “to reflect our more comprehensive solution for trusted digital identity.”

August 15, 2017 – by Alex Perala