EyeLock Developing Iris Tech for Diebold ATM Concept

EyeLock Developing Iris Tech for Diebold ATM ConceptEyeLock has announced that it is helping Diebold to develop Irving, its new iris authentication-based ATM concept.

Irving was first demonstrated, along with another innovative Diebold ATM prototype called Janus, at last year’s Money20/20 conference. The concept eschews the traditional PIN-pad and screen interface for transactions conducted entirely through the user’s smartphone via a mobile app, NFC technology, and QR codes. It also uses iris-based authentication to securely identify the user.

That, of course, is where EyeLock comes in. The company specializes in iris recognition solutions, and could soon be active in using its technology in high-profile, sensitive applications like airport screening. Given the potential reliability and accuracy of iris biometrics, it makes sense that EyeLock’s technology would also find its way into Diebold’s newest ATM experiments.

The Irving prototype is currently being tested in Citibank’s New York Innovation Lab, and will also be showcased at the VOXX International booth at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

January 4, 2016 – by Alex Perala