Money20/20: AI Banking Assistant ‘Eva’ Can Recognize Speech and Voices

Enacomm has developed its own voice command-based AI assistant for banking applications. Called the Enacomm Voice Authentication, or “Eva”, the system was unveiled at this week’s Money20/20 expo in Las Vegas.Money20/20: AI Banking Assistant 'Eva' Can Recognize Speech and Voices

The solution arrives at a time of growing excitement around voice-based AI assistants, which are seen as a key means of enabling user interaction in the emerging Internet of Things. Eva isn’t an IoT solution per se, but capitalizes on the growing popularity of this kind of interface.

It also goes a step further by adding voice biometrics to the mix. Not only can the system recognize words, but it can also recognize an individual user’s voice, allowing for real-time authentication that Enacomm says is 99.99 percent accurate. Moreover, in a statement announcing the system, the company asserts that thanks to its encryption system, no one can access the transactions—not even the companies hosting Eva.

It’s a solution that could prove highly appealing to a number of financial services organizations, and one that will likely catch the interest of numerous Money20/20 attendees as Enacomm showcases it at its booth this week.

October 24, 2016 – by Alex Perala