ENTERTECH SYSTEMS Partners With ProdataKey, Combines Wireless and Biometrics

ENTERTECH partners with ProdataKeyToday, ENTERTECH SYSTEMS announced a strategic partnership with wireless smart access control company ProdataKey. Since ENTERTECH is the operating partner of Suprema in the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK, ProdataKey will now be offering Suprema products to its integrators.

As usual with an ENTERTECH partnership, the BioConnect application will play a big part in this team up. BioConnect will be integrated with ProdataKey’s smartaccess platform. This will allow for easier synchronization between biometric templates and access terminals. The management can all be taken care of using the same system, adding efficiency by allowing for badges or users and adding templates using the same window.

Rob Douglas, CEO of ENTERTECH CEO explains: “Partnering with ProdataKey is a strategic step for us. ProdataKey is the only company offering a long-range mesh wireless network of IP devices that can control up to 1,000 doors and we believe their integration of BioConnect and Suprema biometric devices takes ENTERTECH SYSTEMS further into the growing wireless market.”

“Fundamentally, both companies have like-minded missions – to overcome the major obstacles to mainstream adoption of security and biometric technologies,” he continues. “Smartaccess provides substantial savings to both end user and integrator, and allows them to scale a system to cover virtually any size of structure or campus of structures, along with outbuildings and gates. And they can do it all without installing long cable runs or digging trenches.”

The partnership will also have Suprema biometric readers sold through ProdataKey’s authorized partner network. This includes BioStation T2, BioStation, BioEntry Plus, BioEntry W, BioLite Net and BioMini.

ProdataKey CEO Evan Tree says, “Combining our technology with Suprema biometric products and the BioConnect application means we can offer a fully integrated, end-to-end solution with unparalleled security, while enhancing ease of use and reducing cost of ownership with our long-range, mesh wireless access control platform.”

Two months ago, findBIOMETRICS shed the spotlight on physical access control and ENTERTECH was regularly featured, primarily due to its constant fight against the adoption barriers in that market.

June 3, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter