EMKA BioLock Offers Advanced Data Centre Security

Biometrics SecurityBritish locking systems developer EMKA has unveiled its new BioLock cabinet-locking hardware. It works in concert with the digital and RFID security components that comprise EMKA’s Electronic Locking and Monitoring (ELM) system.

The BioLock can be installed on a cabinet or a block of cabinets and uses a built-in fingerprint-scanning sensor for access control. Access is administrated by means of EMKA’s Control Cockpit software, and the system allows administrators to not only grant access to certain individuals, but to assign certain “alarm fingers” that will trigger a remote alarm when accessing cabinets.

The BioLock system, designed as it is for data center protection, is a timely offering in light of recent high-profile security breaches such as the infamous hacking of celebrity nude photos from Apple’s cloud storage system. Given that EMKA has helped to secure military facilities for the US and NORAD, and that the BioLock system is compliant with major industry standards such as SOX and PCI, the new system may have major appeal for companies managing large amounts of sensitive data.

October 23, 2014 – by Alex Perala