Elyctis Tech Supports Latest Kyrgyzstan Election

Kyrgyzstan has just concluded another biometric election, and Elyctis technology played a crucial role, the company has announced.Elyctis Tech Supports Latest Kyrgyzstan Election

More than 5,000 Elyctis ID BOX One readers were deployed at polling stations across the country for last month’s presidential election. The devices are designed to automatically read data from voter ID documents, and to compare it to the biographic data contained in the country’s biometric voter database.

It isn’t quite live biometric voter verification – not yet. But in a statement announcing the use of its technology in this most recent election, Elyctis asserted that because its ID BOX One solution can read the embedded chips of newer ePassports and eID cards, the Kyrgyz government “is now considering further improving the system for future elections by including the reading of the biometric data contained in the chip”, in addition to the biographic data indicated in ID documents’ Machine Readable Zones.

Kyrgyzstan first embraced biometric polling in 2015, when it became the first county in Central Asia to do so. The use of fingerprint-based verification, while not without flaws in its implementation, resulted in notably free and competitive elections, according to reports from outside observers.

November 6, 2017 – by Alex Perala