News Roundup: Education, Voter ID, Fingerprints

Last week at FindBiometrics we continued our featured focus on biometrics in education while the industry news was filled with fingerprints, voter ID, access control and impressive Q2 financial updates.

Here is a look back on the week in identity management:


News Roundup: Education, IdentificationAs students in North America prepare to head back to school, we at FindBiometrics are focusing our attention on the biometric solutions many of them will be encountering on a day-to-day basis. Last week we took a look at the controversy that inevitably comes with introducing new technologies in schools, examining the high-profile student biometrics ban in Florida and how consumer identity tech can help curb acceptance rates in the future. Meanwhile, a new report had us shining a positive light on the sector, with research forecasting major growth in the United States for education sector biometrics.

Education Month: The Kids Are Alright

Biometrics in US Education Sector To See Significant Growth


Mobile BiometricsIn fingerprints news last week mobility was the name of the game. Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics both found their way on to the new smartphone from ZUK, and new rumors had us imagining two upcoming Nexus handsets with sensors of their own. Meanwhile NEXT Biometrics received a follow up order from a US client, Goodix bolstered its Silicon Valley presence and Precise scored another Tactivo order from the Department of Defense.

Rumor: New Nexus Phones to Sport Fingerprint Sensors

Goodix Expanding Silicon Valley Presence

NEXT Biometrics Receives Follow-up Order from US Client

BioMatch Mobile Powers ZUK Z1 Sensor

ZUK Uses FPC Sensor in New Device

US Department of Defense Orders More Tactivo Readers

Biometric ID

Biometric ID, National IDThe Philippines elections commission was in the news again last week as it endeavors to register its remaining voters’ biometrics for the coming 2016 election. Pakistan has also turned to biometic voter registration, but rather than scramble to enroll its voters before its next election, the country’s commission is aiming for a slower rollout. National ID was also in the news last week with HID Global being singled out by GSN for its successful project in Angola.

Pakistan Tests Biometric Polling in By-Election

HID’s Angola ID Solution a ‘Shining Star’ of GSN Awards

COMELEC Presses to Register Four Million Voters’ Biometrics

Money Matters

In the world of biometric finance last week mobility took the spotlight, with an Australian bank supporting Touch ID, the strategic alignment of NEXT Biometrics and iWallet, and the announcement of the first wearable payment authenticated with cardiac biometrics thanks to the Nymi Band.

iWallet Strategically Aligns With NEXT Biometrics

Australia’s Suncorp Bank Embraces Touch ID

Nymi Heartbeat Biometrics Authenticates Wearable Payment

Biometric Justice

Biometrics, Law Enforcement, Mug Shot, PrivacyThe FBI opened a new research center aimed at advancing biometric technology on its Clarksburg campus in West Virginia last week. According to a new report from Technavio the time is very opportune for such a commitment as the biometrics industry is in the midst of booming. Meanwhile, the Electronic Frontier Foundation announced its investigation into the use of biometric identification technology used by the San Diego Police Department.

FBI-DoD Research Center Aims to Advance Biometric Tech

Civil Rights Group Investigating Police Use of Biometric ID

FBI Opens Research Center Amid Biometrics Boom

Physical Access Control

Biometric Access ControlIn access control news last week Suprema upgraded the RF card capabilities on the BioStation 2 physical access control solution. Covetek, a biometrics and security company, was promoting its biometric access control systems in the Australian market last week as well.

Covetek Promotes Biometric Access Control

Suprema Upgrades BioStation 2’s RF Card Compatibility


Multimodal BiometricsCLEAR continued its spread into sports stadiums last week with the announcement that its biometric screening and eGate solution will be fast tracking fans entering Yankee Stadium. A biometric border screening bill passed in Australia, meanwhile, allowing for the collection of biometric data from children in the name of fighting international terrorism. In the meantime, US congressman Mike Honda planned a visit to Crossmatch headquarters so to better understand the technology and how it can protect against cyber attacks.

Fans Get Fast-Tracked Biometric Entry to Yankee Stadium

Biometric Border Screening Bill Passes Australian Senate

Congressman Seeks Crossmatches Biometric Expertise

An Impressive Quarter

Biometric CommerceFinally, last week also marked the fiscal updates of both BIO-key International and ImageWare Systems, each of which listed impressive numbers and shed light on promising developments for each of their respective futures.

Q2 Results See Major Upticks in BIO-key Revenue, Income

ImageWare Posts Major Q2 Revenue Increase


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August 17, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter