Education Month: The Roundup

August is quickly coming to a close and with it goes Education Month at FindBiometrics, a four week event in which we placed a special focus on biometrics in schools. In our featured articles section we examined the overall education sector based on recent news, delved into the controversy that can plague implementations of student biometrics, and highlighted four unique deployments of biometrics in schools. Meanwhile, the industry news had us reporting on the future of the market and some new deployments.

Here is a look back on Education Month:


EducationA new report released this month from TechNavio examining the period between 2014 and 2019 shows that biometric technology is booming in the US education sector, growing at a CAGR of 23.65 percent. The time is ripe, then, for a focused look at biometrics in education, as the sector is almost as controversial as it is filled with opportunity. In week one of Education Month we presented a primer to better acquaint readers with the recent happenings in this dynamic area of application.

Education Month: The Primer

Biometrics in US Education Sector To See Significant Growth

School’s Out

get-moving-nyc-800x533Biometrics in schools, to some, is a scary phrase. Issues of trust and understanding have presented major roadblocks in the deployment of student biometrics in the US, and continue to create friction any time talk turns to enrolling school children in strong authentication and security systems. In week two of Education Month we examined the most prominent controversy in student biometrics – Florida state senate’s passing of bill 188 – and speculated on how the rise of consumer authentication tech might make biometric adoption easier for schools in the near future.

Education Month: The Kids Are Alright

Applied Learning

DeathtoStock_Wired4Of course, controversy is only (at most) half of the story. Biometrics have found successful deployments all around the world and in week three of Education Month we examined four unique real life implementations of biometric technology in education. Throughout the month we also reported on new deployments as well, with Virginia Commonwealth University employing Iris ID technology to offer access to its dining hall, and an Ohio school district testing out biometric meal access in three of its schools.

Education Month: 4 Unique Deployments

Iris Biometrics To Keep Students Fed on Weekends

Ohio School District Implements Biometric Meal Access


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August 27, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter