Digibank Brings Speech-Powered Mobile Banking To Indonesia

DBS Bank has brought Digibank, its mobile-based banking service, to Indonesia.

Digibank Brings Speech-Powered Mobile Banking To IndonesiaDigibank debuted in India in April of 2016, and has since made its way to Singapore, and now Indonesia. The platform uses biometric user authentication and a mobile interface based on Kasisto’s AI assistant platform, KAI Banking, which is designed to offer conversational interactivity supporting the English and Bahasa Indonesia languages.

The AI system has established a strong track record in India, where it has succeeded in handling 82 percent of all customer inquiries, according to Kasisto. In cases where KAI Banking is unable to resolve a request, the platform hands off the customer to a live agent.

The expansion of Digibank may point to a larger trend underway in mobile fintech, with Sensory, Inc. having recently announced a virtual bank teller AI system that can respond to natural speech inquiries, and even features a digital avatar that dynamically animates its responses; that system is being showcased at this week’s FinovateFall 2017 event in New York.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)