Dictation Tech Brings Satisfaction to Medical Records Keeping: Survey

Nuance Communications’ medical records-keeping solution is helping to make a difference, suggests a recent study from a deployment with Nebraska Medicine.

Survey Results Point to Utility of Dictation Tech in Medical Records KeepingThe university-affiliated medical center deployed Nuance Dragon Medical One, along with the Nuance PowerMic Mobile smartphone microphone and the Dragon Medical Advisor document analysis system, in an effort to improve physicians’ medical documentation processes. The deployment was followed by a study of the organization’s 350 physicians, which found considerably high levels of satisfaction.

According to a statement from Nuance, 94 percent of respondents “indicated that Nuance voice recognition helps them do their job better when practicing medicine”. Meanwhile, 71 percent said “the quality of their documentation has improved significantly”, and about half said the solution helped to save them over half an hour each day.

With America’s healthcare landscape facing increasing pressures with respect to resources, that extra time could make a significant difference in care. These results also bode well for Nuance, helping the company to make the case for its technology as other sophisticated dictation systems emerge onto the market, too.

September 15, 2016 – by Alex Perala