Dermalog Tech Supports New Biometric Driver Licenses in Philippines

Government authorities in the Philippines are now issuing biometric driver licenses, thanks in part to technology provided by Dermalog. Dermalog Tech Supports New Biometric Driver Licenses in PhilippinesThe German firm has announced that its technology enables the documents to feature fingerprint biometrics data.

In a statement, Dermalog asserted that the technology makes the Philippines’ driver license “one of the most secure in the world,” adding that licenses can be issued in only five to 10 minutes. The project appears to be an important win for Dermalog, with the company having placed a strong focus on large-scale government applications of its biometric technology.

The emergence of biometric driver licenses in the Philippines appears to reflect a growing interest in such technology on the part of the country’s government authorities. Its Commission on Elections has undertaken a major effort to collect voters’ biometric data over the last couple of years, and the country’s president recently approved a considerable budget for a planned biometric ID program.

August 30, 2017 – by Alex Perala