Dermalog Deploys eGate Solution in Maldives

Dermalog Deploys eGate Solution in MaldivesGermany-based biometric technology company Dermalog has deployed a biometric eGate system to the Maldives.

Dermalog’s eGates have begun operation at the Maldives’ Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. Their launch coincides with the country’s new passports, which the head of Maldives Immigration says incorporate 34 visible and invisible security features, including biometric data.

The new biometric eGates could offer some major benefits to the country. If they offer faster passenger screening as has been the case in other biometric eGate deployments, the eGates could offer a boost to the country’s important tourism sector. They should also offer important security benefits via improved and more reliable traveler identification.

For Dermalog, meanwhile, the deployment should burnish its reputation in the border screening market, where it has already established a presence via its Vf1 dual fingerprint and passport scanner, which the company launched last autumn. If its deployment with this high-profile client proves a success, the company could see many more going forward as governments’ interest in biometric screening continues to rise.

January 28, 2016 – by Alex Perala