DERMALOG Bids Farewell to Passwords at CEBIT 2018

CEBIT 2018 kicks off today, and DERMALOG is on hand to sing the praises of biometrics and usher passwords out the door.DERMALOG

The company has announced that it will be on hand for the full length of the Hannover-based event, which revolves around innovation in digitization. DERMALOG will take the opportunity to highlight how biometric authentication can effectively replace the password, allowing for greater convenience for the end user and enhanced security.

In a statement announcing its plans for CEBIT, DERMALOG highlighted the current ubiquity of biometric authentication, noting that “[f]ingerprints or faces are already used to unlock smartphones or to log onto computers.” At CEBIT 2018, the company will showcase “how different biometric characteristics can be used – also in combination – so that the password entry can be omitted entirely,” the company said, adding that its biometric platform is compatible with major operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

Of course, with biometric security being as prominent as it is, DERMALOG is unlikely to be alone in pitching the technology’s advantages to CEBIT attendees; but the company will be unique in being able to brag about having the fastest fingerprint matching technology in the world, according to recent testing with SGS-TÜV, which found the technology to be capable of matching 3.6 billion fingerprints per second.

That should help DERMALOG to make its case as it presents its technology from booth D24 in hall 12 of CEBIT, which runs until June 15th.