Testing Confirms Dermalog Fingerprint Matching Speed of 3.6B Per Second

Dermalog’s biometric fingerprint recognition technology is the fastest in the world, with the capability of matching 3.6 billion fingerprints per second, the company says.Testing Confirms Dermalog Fingerprint Matching Speed of 3.6B Per Second

The announcement arrives thanks recent testing with SGS-TÜV, a Germany-based industrial testing and auditing organization, which confirmed the rapid matching speed claimed by Dermalog. The biometric technology was tested against the ISO/IEC 19795-1 international standard.

In announcing its technological achievement, Dermalog pointed out that the world’s population is estimated at somewhere around 7.5 billion, asserting that for its fingerprint matching technology, “this considerable number is just a five-finger exercise” since “the entire world population can be checked in a few seconds.” Commenting further, Dermalog CEO Günther Mull said the testing results suggest that his firm’s technology offers “an appropriate answer to the growing demands in the field of biometric identification, which requires increasingly larger amounts of data to be processed in the shortest possible time.”

That is perhaps particularly true in government applications like biometric border control, a market upon which Dermalog recently set its sights with its showcase at the European Police Congress. And while fingerprint recognition hasn’t so far proven to be the sole modality of choice in that area, Dermalog has demonstrated technological prowess across a range of biometric modalities, with SGS-TÜV testing having also revealed high speed matching for its iris recognition technology last year.

May 2, 2018 – by Alex Perala