Biometrics Buzz Continues Through Day Two of ISC West

The buzz kept building through day two of this year’s ISC West security expo in Las Vegas.

Biometrics Buzz Continues Through Day Two of ISC West

The day started with the Security 5K Run / 2K Walk, an event in support of the Mission 500 child and family support charity. The event raised $125,000, which probably went some way in energizing ISC West attendees, who proceeded to flood the show and the SIA Eduction sessions, which concluded with Intel Security’s Matthew Rosenquist’s keynote talk, “How Cyber-Attacks are Changing the Expectations of Security, Privacy and Safety”.

Carrying on a theme from day one, participants maintained considerable enthusiasm for biometrics, with major solutions providers on hand to showcase their technologies. FST Biometrics CMO Arie Melamed Yekel spoke to FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill about his company’s frictionless identification system, based primarily on facial and gait recognition; and Iris ID VP Mohammed Murad discussed his company’s new POS concept and its integration with Lenel, as well as the growing excitement about iris biometrics in general. O’Neill also paid a visit to the Suprema and BioConnect booth interviewing Hanchul Kim, Managing Director, Overseas Business Sector, Suprema, and Rob Douglas, CEO, BioConnect, respectively.

Given how the first couple of days have gone, the excitement is likely to carry right through to the end of ISC West, which wraps up this afternoon.

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