Daon Fights Terrorism With Major Multifactor Identity Tech Contract

Daon logoMarch 3, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

When it comes to the growing market of biometric border control, there is no one-modality fits all. The deployments that protect nations from terrorism and illegal immigration call for different means of authentication and identity management as unique as the situations that they are used in.

Identity issuance, identification and verification software provider Daon has announced that it has won a major contract to protect one of the world’s largest global economies. The company points to its philosophy of versatility as the reason behind the big get that will see a highly scalable COTS-based solution fully operational in more than 30 locations across the country by the end of the next six months.

“All over the world, companies are scrambling to build better biometrics.  However, no single authentication factor will ever be suitable for every user, for every activity, for every situation,” explains Tony Murphy, solutions marketing manager at Daon. “But what’s keeping the world from higher trust isn’t a better biometric factor; it’s a better platform for synchronizing, selecting, and combining of biometric and non-biometric factors we already have, and the ones we’ve yet to discover.”

The identity platform that will act as the resulting security system’s foundation is scalable and multimodal in the most flexible way: it allows for the mixing and matching of strong authentication factors already prime for this kind of deployment, while leaving room for the incorporation of factors that have yet to emerge as viable for such situations.

In February, findBIOMETRICS president Peter O’Neill had a chance to interview Daon’s CEO Tom Grissen. When asked to comment on the needs that the kind of large scale deployments serve, Grissen had this to say:

“We provide an identity platform that allows our customers to manage transactions of consequence.  These transactions relate to identity events that first occurred in homeland security, and then expanded into DoD and other civil use cases targeting fraud, waste and abuse as well as improved citizen services.”

“Across all industries, the definition of ‘Identity’ is expanding to include more authentication methods being brought together,”  He continued.  “I think this trend lends itself to a Daon platform approach.”