Crossmatch-ISORG-FlexEnable Team Advances to Finals of IARPA’s N2N Challenge

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA)’s Nail-to-Nail Fingerprint Challenge is coming to its final stretch, and Crossmatch, ISORG, and FlexEnable are among the finalists.Crossmatch-ISORG-FlexEnable Team Advances to Finals of IARPA's N2N Challenge

IARPA announced the Challenge early this year, seeking to find an automated solution for capturing entire fingerprints, nailbed to nailbed, as the standard methodology requires a human operator. Crossmatch, France-based ISORG, and UK-based FlexEnable are all on the same international team, which has been selected as a finalist in the competition.

In a statement announcing the team’s advancement, the companies gave nothing away about how their solution works, asserting only that their technology “will minimize, and potentially remove, the skilled operator from the equation.” But the solution will be revealed soon enough, with finalists expected to showcase their prototypes at a Washington event during the week of September 18th.

The winners of the Challenge will be announced later this autumn.

August 29, 2017 – by Alex Perala