IAM Summit 2016: Crossmatch Announces DigitalPersona Composite Authentication

Security and identity management solutions provider Crossmatch announced today that it has pioneered a new comprehensive security paradigm called DigitalPersona Composite Authentication. The new approach to authentication is on showcase at the Gartner IAM Summit in Las Vegas, today through December 1, at booth 722.IAM Summit 2016: Crossmatch Announces DigitalPersona Composite Authentication

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DigitalPersona Composite Authentication was built to address gaps Crossmatch has observed in traditional two-factor and multifactor solutions as the company strives to offer full-scale IT security. According to Crossmatch, it “offers the optimal mix of factors which enable risk-based policies that adapt to today’s dynamic threat environment.”

It’s no secret that today’s enterprises are highly vulnerable to hack attacks, so Crossmatch has identified the weaknesses of the established modern authentication ecosystem and endeavored to secure every end point while still providing an accessible service model. In a press release announcing the solution, the company explained that Composite Authentication was designed to serve four goals, “close every gap left by traditional authentication approaches, offer rapid adaptability, deliver complete coverage and be human-proofed.”

“We believe our Composite Authentication approach directly impacts those recurring pain points of the CISO, CIO and IT professional,” Lance Roncalli, Crossmatch senior vice president of sales and marketing. “Composite Authentication transforms the way these professionals can protect the integrity of their digital organization by taking the next step to complete protection without overburdening the individual user.”

According to Roncalli, “Composite Authentication represents what is next for secure authentication.” He asserts: “We close the gaps left by traditional authentication solutions, while covering on premise, legacy and cloud applications with an easy to deploy and use solution for any user, anywhere and at any moment.”

November 29, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter