Corvus Integration, Inc. Announces Two Dual-eye Iris Solutions

Reston, Virginia, May 13, 2013 – Corvus Integration, Inc. in partnership with Vista Imaging, Inc. is pleased to announce the VistaEY2-2 (EY2-2) dual iris & face camera. The EY2-2 is a complete, single gesture multi-modal biometric peripheral for Windows CE, XP, Vista, 7 and Linux OS platforms. The EY2-2 dual iris/face solution simultaneously captures ISO/IEC 19794-5/6 compliant images of both irises and frontal face at a distance of 22”. Custom optics, multi-wavelength IR illumination, and a tri-color RGB LED light pipe ring indicator are coupled with proprietary distance sensing to provide accurate focus analysis and auto acquisition capabilities. The VistaEY2-2 incorporates “LiveEye” technology to provide real-time liveness detection for iris acquisitions.

Corvus in partnership with Vista Imaging is also pleased to announce availability of the Vista EY2H production units. The EY2H is a hooded dual-eye iris camera. The EY2H provides simultaneous ISO/IEC 19794-6 compliant image capture of both irises for Windows CE, XP, Vista, 7, Android, and Linux OS platforms. The EY2H is ideal for outdoor and indoor iris collection and has been recently added to the list of iris sensors supported by Neurotechnology iris applications.

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