Cognitec Upgrades FaceVACS-Video Scan Biometric Video Screening Technology

Cognitec upgrades facial biometrics solutionFace recognition technology provider Cognitec Systems has released its latest version of FaceVACS-VideoScan. Now available in version 5.2, the technology that allows for real-time face recognition in live video streams includes the latest facial biometric algorithm B8, as well as major system upgrades.

The upgrades are a response to the growing number of use cases that the facial recognition technology can support.

Thanks to its ability to perform anonymous facial analysis over time, FaceVACS-VideoScan can compute a wide range of statistics. Demographic data, people count, movement patterns and frequent visitor detection all have obvious applications in marketing, retail and operations management.

Being able to pull data analysis of this sort can be applied in more efficient scheduling, better understanding of target audience and optimal ad placement.

This kind of anonymous facial recognition reaches further in application than marketing. Even in the retail space, it can be used to identify known persons for security reasons or to add special customer value. Banned people can be flagged for security notification while VIP customers can be identified so that sales staff can be notified.

It’s not just an algorithm upgrade though, FaceVACS-VideoScan 5.2 also comes with improved usability. A press release from the company describes the new version as featuring improved usability and user interface design, better integration of various camera models and corresponding camera controls, enhanced configuration options, and support for RTSP/H264 monitoring streams.

FaceVACS is an example of biometric software that has applications in marketing. May is Biometric Software Month at findBIOMETRICS. To learn more about the diverse range of applications and modalities that fall under this exciting topic, start with our biometric software primer.