Cognitec Provides Face Recognition Tech for Photo Management Platform

Biometrics News - Cognitec Provides Face Recognition Tech for Nero's Photo Management Platform

Cognitec’s FaceVACS Engine 9.4 is being deployed in the upcoming version of Nero’s MediaHome platform, allowing MediaHome customers to sort and edit their digital photos with facial recognition technology. The tech will recognize the same face across multiple images and group those photos together for slideshows, storage, and other purposes.

“Our customers really enjoy this feature to easily sort their photo libraries,” said Cognitec Suite Business VP Oliver Schneider. “The new version finds 6% more faces, and the suggestions for the same person have increased by 79%, with overall higher accuracy.”

The Cognitec engine will make it much easier to sift through a large collection of digital photos and categorize images based on the presence of specific individuals. The facial recognition tech will also spot issues like red-eye, facilitating enhancement features for people who want to edit their photos and make corrections.

Cognitec upgraded the face-matching capabilities of the FaceVACS engine in July of 2018, and has since scored high marks in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s ongoing evaluations, where it was one of the ten most accurate algorithms in tests using visa photos. That makes the engine particularly well-suited to a photo management suite like MediaHome. The new Cognitec-fueled iteration of Nero’s platform is expected to launch in September of 2019.

August 13, 2019 – by Eric Weiss