WorldReach App Integrates Cognitec’s Face Matching Solution

Biometrics News - WorldReach App Integrates Cognitec's Face Matching Solution

WorldReach has deployed Cognitec’s secure facial recognition tech in a smartphone app that automates the ID application process. The app asks users to take a selfie when applying for a passport or a visa, or when they’re enrolling in some kind of digital service. After that, Cognitec’s facial recognition algorithm will match the photo against an official ID document that has been validated through an NFC or chip read scan.

Cognitec’s solution includes liveness detection, and allows the WorldReach app to validate the identity of every applicant. Once the process is completed, the application is forwarded for a final review. Border control agencies in the UK, Canada, and Ireland have already deployed the app to streamline passport applications.

“We chose Cognitec’s market-leading face matching technology to achieve consistently high accuracy rates for the verification process,” said WorldReach President Gordon Wilson. “Government agencies require proven, reliable technologies for each step in the application process, as they aim to build the community’s trust in these new digital application methods.”

“The WorldReach solution brings the advantages of face recognition to modern ID management systems,” added Cognitec CEO Alfredo Herrera.

The WorldReach app allows citizens to apply for a passport without the need to make a visit to a physical office location. The Cognitec news comes roughly a year after WorldReach signed a contract with the Home Office in the UK.

Cognitec, meanwhile, continues to find new uses for its facial recognition algorithm. The company recently provided face matching tech for the MediaHome photo management platform, and previously enabled biometric driver’s license renewals for drivers in the Netherlands.

Cognitec also received the 2019 Customer Value Award from Frost & Sullivan, and has celebrated its strong performance in the NIST’s ongoing Face Recognition Vendor Test.

October 4, 2019 – by Eric Weiss