News Roundup: Closing the Year in Review

Last week at FindBiometrics we brought our 13th annual Year in Review to a close while border control and national ID made big headlines in the industry news. We published an interview with NEXT Biometrics CEO Tore Etholm-Idsøe and also brought you stories on fingerprints, facial recognition and physical access control.

Here is a look back on the top stories from the week that was in global identity management:

Closing the Year in Review

News Roundup: Closing the Year in ReviewOur Biometrics Year in Review 2015 came to a close last week with a look at how biometrics have been contributing to the fight against international terrorism and an inquiry into the maturity of consumer biometrics. Now that the two month long featured event is over, be sure to take advantage of our dedicated roundup and catch up on any Year in Review analysis you might have missed.

Biometrics Year in Review: Biometrics Vs Terrorism

Biometrics Year in Review: The Maturity of Consumer Biometrics

Biometrics Year in Review: The Dedicated Roundup

Border Control

News Roundup: Closing the Year in ReviewBorder control was a big deal in the news last week, with mounting political support for the long awaited biometric exit program in the United States. Meanwhile, with help from Unisys, the US Customs and Border Protection agency is bringing biometric screening to JFK International Airport. Internationally, we heard news from Singapore that all travelers entering the country will be made to submit biometrics, and in in the Maldives biometric eGates, courtesy of Dermalog, were deployed at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.

Singapore to Implement Biometric Screening at All Points of Entry

Dermalog Deploys eGate Solution in Maldives

US Political Support Grows for Biometric Exit Screening

Unisys Helps CBP Expand Airport Biometric Screening Program

National ID

News Roundup: Closing the Year in ReviewNational ID and biometric voting were in the news again last week with Singapore making the process of registering for two-factor eServices authentication easier on its citizens. In the meantime, elections shared the spotlight, with the revelation that Facebook is helping spread the news of the upcoming Philippines biometric election, an update on voter registration out of Gambia, and rumblings that Zimbabwe officials are considering nextgen democracy.

Singapore Streamlines 2FA Registration for Government e-Services

Facebook to Put Spotlight on Biometric Election

Gambia Electoral Commission Reports on Biometric Registration Work

Zimbabwe Officials Consider Biometric Polling

Mobile ID

News Roundup: Closing the Year in ReviewMobility was a biometrically diverse topic in the news last week, with Morpho (Safran) announcing that wit will be sponsoring an Internet of Things event and an update out of Bangladesh on the topic of biometric SIM card registration. Speaking of which, mobile users in Saudi Arabia must also now register their biometrics with MNOs, a requirement that seems to be gaining popularity around the globe. A partnership with Movidius will see Android’s future phones spotting enhanced image recognition capabilities (including facial recognition), and Wacom launched a new eSignature app: Sign Pro PDF.

Read up on last week’s mobile ID headlines below:

Wacom Launches eSignature App for iOS, Android

New Partnership Aims to Bring On-Device Image Recognition to Android Smartphones

Bangladesh Minister Takes Hard Line on Biometric SIM Registration

Morpho to Sponsor IoT Forum

Saudi Mobile Subscribers Must Register Biometrics


News Roundup: Closing the Year in ReviewIn financial identity last week we saw Apple making most of the news with new card issuers, support from Barclays, and a new Touch ID integration on Republic Bank’s mobile app. EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID technology was also implemented on Republic Bank’s solution, giving that institution’s customers the flexibility of biometric choice. In addition to all that we also reported on behavioral biometrics company NuData, which won Judges’ Choice at the 2016 Pay Awards.

Over 50 Card Issuers Add Support To Apple Pay

Republic Bank Offers Touch ID, Eyeprint ID Security for Mobile App

NuDetect Wins Judges’ Choice Distinction at 2016 Pay Awards

Apple Pay To Finally Get Barclays Support

Fingerprint News

News Roundup: Closing the Year in ReviewLast week we published an interview with NEXT Biometrics CEO Tore Etholm-Idsøe and got an expert perspective on the current fingerprint sensor market landscape. Apple was granted a design patent for Touch ID and we reported on the Lenovo K5 Note, which featured Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometric technologies.

Here’s a look at the top fingerprint news from last week:

INTERVIEW: Tore Etholm-Idsøe, CEO, NEXT Biometrics

Apple Granted Touch ID Design Patent

Lenovo K5 Note Features Precise BioMatch Mobile

Lenovo K5 Note Features FPC Sensor

Facial Recognition

News Roundup: Closing the Year in ReviewMorpho’s mobile facial recognition technology achieved FIDO Certification last week, a major milestone in the company’s continued expansion into the mobility markets. Meanwhile, Facebook reigned triumphant in one of its biometrics-centered lawsuits concerning its use of facial recognition, with a judge ruling in the social network giant’s favor.

Here’s how facial recognition factored into the news last week:

Morpho’s Mobile Facial Recognition Solution Gets FIDO Certification

Judge Sides With Facebook on Biometrics Issue

Physical Access Control

News Roundup: Closing the Year in ReviewA new partnership with Processing Point saw ZKAccess announcing the uGuardian fingerprint door lock, which is aimed at home office and small business owners. Additionally, RX Safes entered its first ever license agreement, a biometric padlock over-achieved in its crowdfunding campaign, and  biometric access was introduced to a high court in India.

Take a look at the week’s top biometric security news:

Rx Safes Enters First Licensing Agreement

Biometric Padlock Exceeds Crowdfunding Goal

Madras High Court to Get Biometric Access Control

uGuardian Brings Biometric Access To Small Business Owners

Law Enforcement

News Roundup: Closing the Year in ReviewThe live scan device used by Whitehorse RCMP was repaired last week after having been out of commision long enough to underline the importance of biometrics in background checks. Not everyone is always excited about having their history vetted biometrically, however, as was demonstrated by news last week of resistance coming from Uber and Lyft in light of new legislation in Austin that would have ride-share drivers fingerprinted and checked out.

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, police are on the verge of implementing 3D mugshots so as to enhance their facial recognition capabilities.

RCMP Scanner Malfunction Highlights Importance of Biometric Background Check Tech

Tokyo Police to Use 3D Mugshots

Uber, Lyft Resist Biometric Background Checks for Drivers

Partnerships and Appointments, Reports and White Papers

News Roundup: Closing the Year in ReviewLast week, Credence ID appointed Robert Garrigan as Vice President of Sales and Business Development for the Americas while Morpho partnered with Orange Cyberdefense. FIDO released a new white paper on privacy, IHS unveiled a report on the fingerprint sensor market, and Radiant Insights provided new numbers regarding the overall global biometrics market.

Here are last week’s top stories in research, reports, partnerships and appointments:

Biometrics Market to Reach $44.2 Billion by 2021: Radiant Insights

1.6 Billion Mobile Fingerprint Sensor Shipments in 2020: IHS

FIDO Issues New Privacy White Paper

Credence ID Develops Presence in the Americas

Morpho Allies With Orange Cyberdefense


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February 1, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter