News Roundup: A Closer Look At Aadhaar

Last week at FindBiometrics we continued National ID Month with a featured look at India’s ambitious Aadhaar program. In the industry news we got our first official look at Apple’s second generation Touch ID on the iPhone 6S, a slew of government biometrics headlines and the usual influx of mobile fingerprint integrations.

Here’s a look back on the biggest headlines in identity from last week:

National ID Month

News Roundup: A Closer Look At AadhaarNational ID Month entered its second week with our look at four unique aspects of the Aadhaar ID project in India. Meanwhile, biometric elections were in the news as we reported on Comelec’s continued efforts to register every voter in the Philippines and  GenKey’s role in Tanzania’s biometrics-powered election.

National ID Month: 4 Aspects of Aadhaar

GenKey Tech Powers Biometric Election System in Tanzania

Comelec Targets Narrow, Biometric Registration Continues

Governments and Border Control

global biometricsGovernment biometric applications continued to make headlines all week, with initiatives in Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and Malawi. Morpho (Safran) announced that it will be expanding its eGate deployment in New Zealand, and the Australian government  was reported as developing a massive facial recognition system. Meanwhile, Novatengi received a contract to develop a biometric system for agriculture in Malawi, and Saudi Arabia implemented biometric border control for visitors on pilgrimage. Here’s how government biometrics made headlines last week:

Novateqni to Develop Biometric System for Malawian Agriculture

Morpho to Expand Biometrics Work with NZCS

Saudi Arabia Uses Biometric Identification on Pilgrim Visitors

Australian Gov’t Developing Facial Biometric Matching System

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement BiometricsIn law enforcement new last week we reported on a biometric system that is being implemented in the Philippines so that prisoners aren’t incarcerated past their release date. Meanwhile, stateside, Live Scan was the name of the game with Georgia’s Lincoln County signing on to the biometric identification system and a staff report in Santa Monica recommending the municipality continue to pay for its own Live Scan service.

Santa Monica Finds State Biometric System Worth Cost

Georgian County Signs On for Live Scan System

Philippines Prisons to Implement Biometric Inmate Tracking


Finger scanner icons on black background. Vector illustration.

Fingerprints were the modality of the week in terms of popularity, with Apple announcing the second generation Touch ID sensor on its latest iPhone devices. Bank of America, meanwhile, announced fingerprint sensor support on its Android mobile app and the ZTE Axon Elite (which features a fingerprint sensor and vascular biometrics capabilities) launched internationally.

NIST announced that it is developing new contactless fingerprint scanning standards and posted a call for help in this matter, while Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics continued their long running streak of smartphone integrations. Here is how the fingerprint modality made the news last week:

Faster Biometrics For iPhone 6S

Bank of America App Authenticates Via Fingerprints

American Smartphone Integrates FPC Tech

Precise BioMatch Mobile In Yet Another Phone

Huawei G7 Plus Sports Precise BioMatch Mobile

ivvi K2 Features FPC Touch Sensor

NIST Developing Contactless Fingerprint Scanning Standards

Multimodal ZTE Phone Gets International Launch

FPC Sensors on Huawei Mate S and G8

Paying, Saying, Playing

face and voiceTSI joined the Natural Security Alliance last week. We also reported on NEC’s hospitality industry solution Kylie, while AGNITiO made headlines announcing the completed sale of its KIVOX Mobile technology to Cirrus Logic.

NEC’s ‘Kylie’ Gives a Face to Hospitality Biometrics

TSI Joins Natural Security Alliance

AGNITiO Completes Sale of KIVOX Mobile Tech To Cirrus Logic


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September 14m 2015 – by Peter B. Counter