CLEAR Arrives at JFK Airport’s Terminal 4

CLEAR Arrives at JFK Airport's Terminal 4CLEAR has landed at Terminal 4 of New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

While CLEAR’s eponymous expedited biometric screening program was already in place at JFK’s Terminal 2, the expansion to Terminal 4 is a notable one, with the latter being the primary gateway to New York City for international travelers. It’s also another sign of the CLEAR program’s ongoing expansion to more airport locations across the US even as it finds new applications in stadium access control and even biometric payments at concession stands.

While the expansion will certainly offer greater convenience to CLEAR members, in its announcement, airport and state officials also emphasized the security offered through its use of biometric identification via fingerprint and eye scans. JFK International Air Terminal CEO Roel Huinink noted that “with its biometric capabilities, CLEAR will also add a heightened layer of safety and security to our terminal,” while New York State Assemblymember Michelle Titus noted, “In the aftermath of 9/11, there is definitely a need for improved security at our airports,” adding later, “I think it is laudable to introduce biometric technology at self-serve kiosks that will strengthen our security system.”

The announcement of CLEAR’s arrival at Terminal 4 comes just about a week after the news that JetBlue, in collaboration with US Customs and Border Protection, had implemented a biometric boarding program at JFK International Airport enabling travelers on select flights to board with only a face scan, and no need to present travel documents.

November 20, 2018 – by Alex Perala