New CCTV Cameras Feature Built-In Facial Recognition Tech

New CCTV Cameras Feature Built-In Facial Recognition TechPanasonic has launched a new lineup of CCTV cameras. Called the i-Pro SmartHD series, the cameras sport a number of advanced features, with an emphasis on durability and technological sophistication.

The cameras come in a range of 18 models, all of which offer high-res, high visibility and low distortion video surveillance. They are designed to adapt to environmental obstacles such as snow and rain, and also offer strong visibility in environments with low illumination, the company says.

But their most remarkable feature is built-in biometric identification software. The devices count individuals on-screen, determine age and gender, and even perform face matching. Moreover, the camera feeds can be access via a mobile app called the Panasonic Security Viewer.

This kind of technology is increasingly in demand from the security and law enforcement agencies around the world. Real-time video-based facial recognition was recently used to add a layer of surveillance security to US President Obama’s visit to India, and the head of Scotland Yard has even called for UK citizens to bring CCTV surveillance into their homes so that police can investigate crimes more effectively using facial recognition. While it’s also an increasingly controversial issue due to growing concerns about intrusions against privacy and civil rights, demand for the technology among law enforcement authorities remains strong and Panasonic’s i-Pro SmartHD line is likely to find a ready market.

Source: The Asian Age


October 8, 2015 – by Alex Perala