Carrasco Airport to Expand Biometric Boarding Program

Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo is expanding its use of biometric technology from Vision-Box, launched a self-service boarding system based on facial recognition.Carrasco Airport to Expand Biometric Boarding Program

The airport first started using Vision-Box technology back in 2016, when it embraced the company’s “Easy Airport” system for security screening. The solution used facial recognition to match travelers to their e-passports, speeding up the screening process; now, according to a statement from Vision-Box, the technology is being extended “to all remaining passenger interaction stages,” including biometric boarding.

It appears that at least one biometric boarding eGate has been put into action at the airport, with Vision-Box asserting that the self-service solution was “kicked off” at an inauguration ceremony featuring Uruguay’s Minister of Interior and Minister of National Defense, as well as executives from Corporación América Airports, LATAM Airlines, and, of course, Vision-Box. But the stakeholders are still planning the larger expansion, which will entail the deployment of 16 biometric eGates for self-boarding. Ultimately, the aim is “to transform Carrasco Airport into a fully end-to-end contactless experience, where your face is your passport,” Vision-Box asserted in its statement.

News of the expansion plans for Carrasco International Airport’s biometric passenger processing technology arrives amid announcements of similar curb-to-gate biometric screening programs from Dubai International Airport with its partner airline Emirates, and London’s Heathrow Airport, suggesting a current boom in the ongoing expansion of biometric airport screening technology around the world.

October 30, 2018 – by Alex Perala