Montevideo’s Carrasco Airport Adopts Vision-Box ABC Tech

Montevideo’s Carrasco International Airport has launched a new self-service border control system using technology provided by Vision-Box. Dubbed “Easy Airport”, the system operates alongside a manual passenger processing system, offering Uruguayans a faster, streamlined option that should help to reduce congestion all around.Montevideo's Carrasco Airport Adopts Vision-Box ABC Tech

It’s part of a larger modernization program called SISCA, or Integrated Airport Security and Control System, that Uruguayan authorities have implemented with the aim of enhancing airport security while improving the experience for travelers. The new self-service functionality is enabled by technology like Vision-Box’s vb i-match eGates, which compare the facial biometrics contained in travelers’ e-passports against their actual faces as they are scanned, helping to ensure that they are who they claim to be while smoothing out the screening process for the travelers themselves.

In a statement announcing the deployment from Vision-Box, Ricardo Cerri, the CTO of Puerta del Sur S.A., a managing body affiliated with the airport, suggested that Vision-Box’s system “will have a huge impact” in streamlining passengers’ screening experience, adding, “We are expecting a reduction of transaction times per person in migratory procedures to drop around 65%”.

Such expectations are warranted, given the efficiencies reported from other Vision-Box deployments such as Aruba Happy Flow. And for Vision-Box, this latest deployment should help to further raise its profile in a market increasingly hungry for biometric border control solutions.

August 24, 2016 – by Alex Perala