Breaking Adoption Barriers: EnterTech Systems Launches BioConnect 2.5

ENTERTECHMarch 19, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

Suprema US operating partner EnterTech Systems launched the latest version of its biometric integration application: BioConnect 2.5. Still existing primarily to break down adoption barriers in biometric access control, the newest iteration of BioConnect now boasts, among other new features, the option to use smartphones as authentication sources in access control systems.

BioConnect 2.5 will be making its debut at ISC West this coming April 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada, scheduled for demonstration at the Suprema and EnterTech Systems booth #10053.

The new functions, in addition to the forward thinking smartphone authenticator option, include advanced template management for streamlined user onboarding and new credential options that allow administrators scalable security choices from finger-only to three-factor authentication.

The BioConnect application targets the biometric adoption barrier of administrator friction (the other major obstacles being related to cost and education). Generally in any given physical access control system has to be managed via two separate interfaces: one for the terminals and another for biometric templates. BioConnect allows for both operations to be tended to from a single application, cutting out redundant processes and allowing administrators to better manage their systems.

“We now have the only biometric application for seamless sync with access control systems that delivers wireless capability along with speed, accuracy and ease of deployment and use,” explains EnterTech CEO Rob Douglas. “At ENTERTECH SYSTEMS, we continue to break down the barriers to adoption of biometrics for everyday users and organizations – traditionally, the communications and integration complexity between biometric readers and access control systems have been the greatest challenges.”

EnterTech Systems has been attacking the biometric barriers to adoption with Suprema for some time now. BioConnect is the best example of how the company is doing this, but it has also been encouraging the use of biometric physical access control through a number of strategic partnerships that position its solutions in industries that can greatly benefit from easy to manage and use security.

Recently Suprema introduced a low cost reader, the BioEntry Plus, in order to break down barriers of cost. Combine all of this with the fact that EnterTech offers comprehensive customer support service, and what you have is a good example of what it looks like to fight for greater biometric adoption.