BioStar 2.1 Upgrade Adds Cloud, Mobile Access

BioStar 2.1 Upgrade Adds Cloud, Mobile AccessBiometric security solutions developer Suprema has launched a major update to its BioStar platform. With BioStar 2.1, the IP access control platform sports a number of new features and developer tools, in both a Basic and a Standard version.

The Basic edition update offers BioStar 2 Cloud support as well as adding filtering options for the platform’s monitoring functions. The Standard version, meanwhile, offers advanced access control capabilities such as fire alarm and anti-passback features. Both versions, of course, feature the essential access control and user management capabilities of the previous iteration of the platform.

Importantly, BioStar 2.1 also offers the BioStar 2 Mobile App on Android and iOS, which, together with the BioStar 2 Cloud extension, allows for a highly sophisticated level of remote control. And the introduction of the BioStar 2 API lets developers to integrate the platform’s main capabilities into third-party software, allowing for the development of highly customized solutions.

The platform upgrade is a boost to the broader product portfolio associated with BioStar 2, including the recently upgraded BioStation 2 biometric scanning terminal, and the award-winning BioEntry W fingerprint-scanning access control system.

August 25, 2015 – by Alex Perala