BioRugged LCC Tablet Uses Suprema Fingerprint Sensor Tech

A rugged tablet launched at the start of the year uses Suprema technology, the company has revealed.

BioRugged LCC Tablet Uses Suprema Fingerprint Sensor TechAt only 5″, the BioRugged LCC is a relatively small tablet device, but it’s designed for deployments across a range of conditions, with tough Gorilla Glass and IP67 dust and water resistance. It also features GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity, a 2MP front camera, and an 8MP rear camera.

Arguably its most important feature, though, is the LCC’s SFU-S20 USB fingerprint module. It’s the same fingerprint scanner used in BioRugged’s BioWolf LE tablet launched in late winter, an FBI PIV and FAP20 certified optical sensor featuring Suprema’s live finger detection technology.

Since the LCC’s launch in January, Suprema says BioRugged has shipped 9,000 units, many for a major SIM card registration project in Africa.

In a statement, Suprema CEO Bogun Park called BioRugged a “strategic partner” and said his company looks forward “to working together on future innovations”, suggesting that there will be more BioRugged device integrations to come.

August 24, 2017 – by Alex Perala