Biometrics Play Important Role in Access Control Market

Biometric Access ControlMarket research firm Research and Markets has released a new report on the access control market. Entitled “Access Control Market by Product, Application & By Geography – Global Forecast & Analysis to 2020“, the report predicts that the global access control market will grow at a rate of 10.6 percent per year (CAGR) until 2020, when it will be worth about $10.4 billion.

As you might expect, the researchers note that biometrics technology plays an increasingly important role in the overall access control market. Interestingly, advances in cloud computing and mobile devices are now tying in with biometrics in an important way, the three technologies working together to engender new, more user-friendly systems of access control. In a report synopsis, the researchers note that the convergence “of the biometrics technology and mobile devices with access control systems has also propelled the growth of the access control market.”

The researchers also note that, as with many other kinds of security screening technologies that can incorporate biometrics, the threat of crime and terrorism, along with technological progress and governments’ desire for advanced security, are “major driving factors” for the overall access control market, though access control systems are also finding popularity in commercial, industrial, educational, healthcare, and even residential settings.

March 11, 2015 – by Alex Perala