Sensory Teams Up with Gyrfalcon to Boost Biometric Authentication Speed

Biometrics News - Sensory Teams Up with Gyrfalcon to Boost Biometric Authentication Speed

Sensory has partnered with Gyrfalcon Technologies (GTI) in an effort to improve the performance of its TrulySecure biometric algorithms on edge devices. Gyrfalcon is a provider of AI accelerator chips that will reduce latency and dramatically increase authentication speed.

GTI released its first Edge AI chip in 2017, and has since rounded out its portfolio with a full line of chips that includes the Lightspeeur 2803S AI acceleration processor. Sensory, meanwhile, is best known for its face, speech, and voice recognition solutions. The company indicated that it has developed a new algorithm specifically to take advantage of GTI’s accelerator technology and support faster and more accurate face matching tech.

“A key focus for improving our TrulySecure technology has been delivering faster performance on lower cost hardware,” said Sensory CEO Todd Mozer. “Our TrulySecure solution can run up to four times faster and provide a larger, more accurate model thanks to GTI’s AI accelerator chip.”

“AI implementations are optimized best when companies bring ‘best-in-breed’ solutions together,” said Gyrfalcon Co-Founder and CEO Kimble Dong. “Our accelerator chips enable great design choices for device makers, and partners like Sensory leverage the chips in ways that delight customers with the convenience of fast access combined with peace-of-mind of reliable biometric security.”

Sensory moved forward with the full feature release of its TrulyNatural speech recognition platform earlier this year, and added Sound ID to its Speaker Verification suite. Sound ID is an acoustic awareness platform that lets smart devices identify sounds like a smoke alarm or a crying baby and then send alerts to a user who will be able to respond.

The company also placed its TrulySecure authentication software into three new Nokia smartphones, which include the Nokia 3.2, the Nokia 4.2, and Nokia 9 PureView. TrulySecure was used to outfit those phones with facial recognition capabilities.

November 8, 2019 – by Eric Weiss