LEAF Access Cards Now Support Iris ID Biometrics

Iris ID will be demonstrating IrisAccess-LEAF interoperability from booth 1281 at the Global Security Exchange, September 10th to 12th at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

Iris ID IrisAccess iCAM 7S series iris reader.

Iris ID‘s IrisAccess platform is now compatible with LEAF access cards, opening the door to sophisticated, high-level security in biometric access control.

LEAF access cards feature MiFare DESFire EV1 and EV2 technologies. With respect to Iris ID’s compatibility, that means the cards’ DESFire EV2 chips can store biometric iris templates generated by Iris ID’s software. The chips also contain each access card’s badge ID number, and are designed to keep it secure unless a live iris scan matches the cardholder to the biometric template contained in a given EV2 chip. What’s more, the cards also employ the AES-128 encryption standard.

In other words, it’s a highly secure access control system combining ID cards and the sophistication of iris biometrics, with interoperability between Iris ID’s IrisAccess iCAM 7S products and all LEAF Si and LEAF Cc credentials.

“Together the products provide a high assurance security credential solution that interfaces with any access control system on the market because the encrypted authentication keys and the biometric template embedded in the LEAF memory structure offers the highest flexibility and security in a single credential,” explained LEAF Consortium founding partner Laurie Aaron in a statement announcing the collaboration.

For Iris ID, meanwhile, the LEAF integration is already starting to generate new business opportunities. “Our addition of EV1 and EV2 inherent in LEAF credentials has resulted in immediate positive responses from organizations such as data centers and high-tech facilities requiring dual identity authentication,” said the company’s VP of global business development and sales, Mohammed Murad.

That business excitement may see even further momentum over the next week, as Iris ID will be demonstrating IrisAccess-LEAF interoperability from its booth at the Global Security Exchange. The event is scheduled to run from September 10th to 12th at Chicago’s McCormick Place, with Iris ID to showcase from booth 1281.

September 5, 2019 – by Alex Perala

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