Iris ID Gets Major New Certification for India Market

“We’re pleased to have received BIS certification as India is a very important market for Iris ID. Our products are used not only by government agencies, but also by many commercial organizations.” – Mohammed Murad, Vice President Global Sales and Business Development, Iris ID

Iris ID Gets Major New Certification for India Market

Iris ID‘s iCAM 7S solution has received an important new certification for the India market: It has met the specifications of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), attaining license number R-41110639.

In a statement announcing the certification, Iris ID explained that it pertains to “the safety, quality and reliability of electronic, medical, construction and other many other commercial and consumer products” in India. Elaborating further, Mohammed Murad, Iris ID Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development, compared it to the widely known Underwriters Laboratories standards and Europe’s ‘CE’ mark.

Iris ID says its iCAM 7S and other iris scanning products are already widely used in Aadhaar, India’s expansive biometric national ID program, as well as by commercial companies. Now, entitled to add the BIS marker to the iCAM 7S, Iris ID is poised to see an even stronger presence in the Indian market.

The iCAM 7S is an increasingly popular component of Iris ID’s portfolio, with the company having announced last year that it had been integrated into the AMAG Symmetry Enterprise and Honeywell Pro-Watch access control platforms.

January 8, 2019 – by Alex Perala