Herta Gets Customer Value Award from Frost & Sullivan

Biometrics News - Herta Gets Customer Value Award from Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan is singing the praises of Herta Security after naming the company as the winner of its 2019 Europe Customer Value Leadership Award. The firm recognized Herta for its GPU-based facial recognition technology.

The Leadership Award was specifically set up to honor companies that generate positive results for clients with strong customer service and affordable technology. To that end, Herta’s facial recognition tech is both efficient and user-friendly. Customers can integrate it into their existing security systems without purchasing any additional hardware, and surveillance data gathered through the system is processed entirely in the cloud.

As a result, Herta’s solution can be easily scaled for a wide range of venues and applications. The cloud utility reduces server and storage costs, and Herta offers flexible pricing options that can be adjusted to better meet the needs of individual clients.

Frost & Sullivan also credited Herta for its impressive customer service record. The company has offices in Spain, Singapore, and Los Angeles, which allows it to respond to clients on a global level.

“Herta stands out for its customer-focused culture in the facial recognition space,” said Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Danielle VanZandt. “The company strives to be the leading biometric surveillance solutions provider to governments, delivering real-time facial recognition and detection deployment to thousands of cameras on a global scale.”

Herta’s system will send an alert to the security team if it spots any suspicious activity. It can also identify faces that have been partially concealed, and determine traits like gender, age, and ethnicity. The solution has already been deployed to secure public venues like museums and soccer stadiums in addition to government facilities.

The Leadership Award places Herta in lofty company alongside fellow Frost & Sullivan honorees like IDEMIA and Onfido. The former was named as the Global Biometrics Company of the Year, while the latter was selected for the European Technology Innovation Award.  

February 13, 2020 – by Eric Weiss