FPC Places Biometric Sensor in New Payment Device from JCB

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FPC Places Biometric Sensor in New Payment Device from JCB

Fingerprint Cards has placed one of its sensors in a new payment device from JCB. The device will support “personal authentication applications” in addition to contactless payments.

The presence of an FPC sensor suggests that people will be able to use the device itself to add an extra layer of biometric security to a transaction, above and beyond another factor like a biometric payment card. FPC cited e-tickets and ride sharing programs as examples of applications that would benefit from the new technology.

“We’re excited to see biometrics diversifying and expanding into new payment form factors, a variety of use cases, across different regions,” said FPC Smartcard SVP Thomas Rex.

FPC did not indicate which sensor model would be featured in the JCB device, but the company has previously provided fingerprint sensors for a range of different biometric payment solutions. The company recently supplied sensors for a NatWest credit card trial in the UK, and has published a survey that found that banks and consumers are both ready to embrace biometric payment cards. 

The JCB device is currently in a pilot phase, with a commercial launch expected to take place sometime in 2020.

October 27, 2019 – by Eric Weiss