Barclays and Hitachi Release Improved Finger Vein Reader

Biometrics News - Barclays and Hitachi Release Improved Finger Vein Reader

Barclays has released an updated version of its biometric finger vein scanner. The new Barclays Biometric Reader is built with Hitachi’s VeinID technology, and has been fully integrated into the bank’s iPortal digital banking system for Barclays’ corporate clients.

Like its predecessor, the new BBR eliminates the need for a password during the authentication process, and goes on to upgrade the original design with the introduction of several other features. Most notably, the new BBR has a “Sign What You See” screen that details the specific activities being authorized during every interaction to provide an extra layer of transparency, and boasts Bluetooth capabilities that will allow customers to use the scanner without plugging it directly into a computer.  

Despite the additions, the new BBR also has a smaller form factor thanks to improvements in Hitachi’s VeinID technology.

“The new Barclays Biometric Reader is much more portable and more secure,” said Barclays Digital Banking Head Martin Runow. “Our clients are increasingly mobile and the advances we’ve been able to introduce will allow them to manage their accounts wherever they are.”

Barclays collaborated with Hitachi to develop the first BBR back in 2014, and made it available to corporate clients with the launch of the iPortal platform one year later.  

“Both companies have worked tirelessly to create this new device and we are delighted that our VeinID technology will continue to help Barclays corporate customers conduct their business,” said Hitachi Europe Security Business General Manager Ravi Ahluwalia.

Hitachi has continued to explore the possibilities for finger vein technology outside of its partnership with Barclays. The tech giant previously developed a system that enables finger vein scans with a smartphone camera, and has since done the same with the camera in a standard desktop computer. The company also formed a UK distribution partnership with Alpha Generation.

November 20, 2019 – by Eric Weiss