Biometrics Institute Unveils Good Practice Framework

Biometrics News - Biometrics Institute Unveils Good Practice Framework

The Biometrics Institute is celebrating its 18th birthday with the launch of The Good Practice Framework, which will serve as a step-by-step guide for any organization looking to deploy its own biometric system. The Good Practice Framework will be discussed with guests during the Institute’s upcoming Congress in London, which runs from October 29-30.

“The aim of the framework is to create a common understanding of biometric systems, terminology, and concepts,” said Biometrics Institute CEO Isabelle Moeller. “It will act as a guide through the process of establishing a biometric system, flagging potential vulnerabilities, and governance options.”

“The potential of biometrics will not be realised unless the public can trust those using the technology,” added Biometrics Institute Founder Ted Dunstone. “We are now at a critical turning point where the institute’s voice is vital to the discussion around responsible use.”

According to Moeller, the Institute will communicate with its member organizations in an effort to refine the framework and shore up any gaps that might be present.

The Biometrics Institute has repeatedly emphasized the need for ethical best practices around the use of biometric technology. The release of The Good Practice Framework follows in the wake of the organization’s seven ethical principles, which were published earlier this year. The Institute has also updated its privacy guidelines in response to the latest GDPR standards.

October 11, 2019 – by Eric Weiss