Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Preparing For MWC

wi9yf7kTQxCNeY72cCY6_Images-of-Jenny-Lace-Plasticity-Publish-(4-of-25)This past week at FindBiometrics we brought Voice Month to a close with a look back on our February festivities. In the industry news section voice recognition was still making headlines, fingerprints (especially Touch ID) were all over the place, and mobility remained a prominent topic as eyes turn to Barcelona for next week’s Mobile World Congress.

Here are the top industry news stories from the past week at FindBiometrics:

Hearing Voices

While we reflected on February’s Voice Month proceedings with our featured roundup, the news stayed on topic as we counted down to March. AGNITiO, a voice biometrics company that was heavily involved in Voice Month, announced that it will be demonstrating KIVOX Mobile 5.0 at MWC in Barcelona next week. This was followed by news that the company has partnered with Nok Nok Labs in order to bring to market a FIDO ready authentication method. Rounding out the week in voice we also heard news of an upgrade to voice biometrics used over the phone thanks to Presence Technology.

Voice Month: The Roundup

FIDO Ready Tech Coming From AGNITiO and Nok Nok Labs

AGNITiO to Present at MWC ShowStoppers Event

Presence IVR Module Uses Voice Authentication

Scanning Fingerprints

This week, Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint authentication made the news a few times as we learned about Apple Pay adoption by JP Morgan Chase customers, the use of the sensor by a Nigerian bank, and the latest upgrade to AirWatch 8. In other fingerprint news we saw Synaptics unveil a new sensor and received a market update from IDEX.

Here’s how fingerprints fit into the news this week:

Apple Pay Used By Over A Million JP Morgan Chase Customers

Nigerian Bank Uses Touch ID for Mobile App Sign-In

Synaptics Unveils “Ultra-Slim” Slide Fingerprint Sensor

AirWatch 8 Allows Touch ID Security

IDEX Repositions for Global Market

Catching Crooks, Tracking Time

This week biometric law enforcement came to India thanks to the Surat City police’s deployment of NEC facial recognition technology. Biometrics was used to cut down on types of fraud the week too, to varying degrees of success. City workers in San Francisco have begun to protest the use of biometric time and attendance ‘in the workplace – a measure usually undertaken to provide more accurate staff records and cut down on administrative costs and time theft practices. On the positive side of things, the war on fraud bots heated up as BioCatch scored a patent for a behavioral biometrics authentication system.

NEC to Provide Face Scanning Tech to Surat City Police

BioCatch Wins Behavioral Biometrics Patent

San Francisco Workers Rally Against Biometric Tracking

Traveling With Biometrics

Early this week we reported on the TSA’s troubles in expanding its PreCheck program. Later, we reported on news that IBM and Iris ID have collaborated in bringing iris recognition to the NEXUS border control program in Canada. Meanwhile speculation began surrounding new biometric visa requirements in India and whether or not they will deter visitors.

Here are this week’s top biometric border control stories:

TSA’s PreCheck Expansion Stalled By Privacy Concerns

India’s New Biometric Visa Requirements May Deter Visitors

Canadian Borders Get Biometric Upgrade From Iris ID

Mobile Preparations

Mobile World Congress starts next week running March 2-5 in Barcelona, Spain. As such the news coverage has been appropriately mobile focused. This week we took a look at what ElevenPaths plans to showcase at the vent  while Cypress joined the FIDO Alliance. FotoNation expanded its biometric capabilities this week too, bringing its Q4 to a close with the acquisition of Smart Sensors Limited (SSL). Join us next week as FindBiometrics president Peter O’Neill attends and reports from MWC 2015 with our sister site Mobile ID World.

Cypress Joins FIDO Just in Time for MWC

FotoNation Expands Biometric Capabilities with SSL Acquisition

MWC 2015: ElevenPaths to Showcase Biometric Solutions


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February 27, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter