Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Global Popularity, Mobility and Law Enforcement

The FindBiometrics industry news section had us talking about biometrics on an international level once again this past week with news from Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and North America. Justice was also a major identity management topic, an especially convenient fact considering it was the final week of Law Enforcement Biometrics Month. Meanwhile, commerce and mobility continued to have a strong presence.

Here are the top biometric industry news stories from the week ending November 1, 2014.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement BiometricsThis past week we brought a close to Law Enforcement Biometrics Month with a full roundup of all the justice-related news and features from October. The week wasn’t without related industry news either, with Bexar County and the NYPD both embracing various biometric technologies in order to to give a next generation boost to their operations.

Check out these law enforcement biometrics articles from the week that was:

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: The Roundup

Biometrics and Mobility To Bolster NYPD Presence

Bexar County Pursues Biometric Tech for Police

Germany’s Interest in Security a Boon for Biometrics Market

Integrated Biometrics to Showcase Military-Grade Mobile Fingerprint Sensor Tech


Biometric CommerceMoney20/20 kicked off in Las Vegas today, and FindBiometrics is there to host a panel on biometrics in finance.

Regular readers don’t need to be told that commerce is a weekly fixture in identity management news regardless of conferences. This week we reported on the pharmacies that have been dropping their support of Apple Pay in the USA, biometric mobile wallet tech that can also protect a passport and a Costa Rican bank that is choosing biometrics for its mobile app.

Costa Rican Bank Embraces Biometric Security for Mobile Banking

iWallet Technology Can Also Do Passports

Two US Pharmacies Drop Apple’s Biometric Payments

Global Markets

Government Adoption Named Key Driver in Latin American Biometrics MarketThis week FindBiometrics president Peter O’Neill interviewed Seth Miller, founder and CEO of IDtech360 –  a company that’s aiming to bring international leaders in biometrics to the United States.

Overseas, biometric technology is continuing to grow in popularity and acceptance. In Spain, facial recognition is helping put a price on comedy, in Pakistan biometric voting is being considered, and the Asia Pacific video biometrics market is looking very positive.

Here is the top news from the week with an international spin:

Interview: Seth Miller, Founder & CEO, IDtech360

IDtech360 and Virdi Partner To Bring Biometric Time and Attendance Stateside

Huge Growth Expected for Video Biometrics and Analytics in APAC Market

Automated Passport Control Boom Brings Convenience to Three More Airports

Pakistan Province Looks Into Biometrics for Polling

Spanish Audiences Will Pay for Laughing at Comedians


Mobile BiometricsMobility and biometrics are becoming increasingly intertwined. This week a new biometric smartphone was introduced featuring an FPC fingerprint sensor, behavioral biometrics made the news and Phillip Dunkelberger, CEO of Nok Nok Labs, went on record saying that the final FIDO specifications are on their way.

Socure Closes Series A Round For Social Biometrics

Final FIDO Specifications Are On Their Way

FPC and Precise Biometrics Tech Featured on New Oppo Smartphone

Forza Silicon Unveils Super-Adaptable Image Sensor


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November 2, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter