Bovine Biometrics to Help Indian Farmers

Surat-based Biomatiques Identification Solutions has developed a retina scanning system for cows.Surat-based Biomatiques Identification Solutions has developed a retina scanning system for cows.

It’s the product of an Andhra Pradesh state initiative aligned with India’s Digital India program, with various regional IT leaders seeking innovative solutions for e-governance and smart cities. Biomatiques’ solution is aimed at farmers, helping them to accurately identify and keep track of their livestock. It could make a real difference for cattle farmers as it can help them to qualify for livestock insurance, and it offers a more humane means of cow identification than ear tagging and painful branding methods.

It’s yet another example of the growing enthusiasm for biometric solutions in India, whose government has embraced the technology on a massive scale with its Aadhaar biometric registry of citizens—also affiliated with the Digital India project. Aadhaar is used for a growing range of purposes, from sorting students through school districts to administrating healthcare services.

Now, if Biomatiques’ solution takes off, even the country’s cows stand to benefit from biometric identification, not to mention the farmers who manage them.

Source: The Times of India

January 29, 2016 – by Alex Perala