Biometric Vending Machine Features EyeLock Tech

EyeLock‘s partnership with smart vending machine maker ViaTouch Media has born fruit, with the latter’s Vicki device now available.Biometric Vending Machine Features EyeLock Tech

The companies first announced they had teamed up last November, explaining that ViaTouch’s Vicki vending machine would feature artificial intelligence and EyeLock’s iris recognition technology. Now, that vision has been realized in ViaTouch’s automated machine, which uses AI to monitor what products customers are looking at, holding, and choosing to purchase, and to converse with them about their options. EyeLock’s technology, meanwhile, allows the vending machine to recognize customers and to tailor its suggestions to their individual preferences.

In a statement announcing the solution’s commercial availability, EyeLock CEO Jeff Carter emphasized that Vicki’s use of highly accurate biometric technology “creates an even greater separation” between the smart vending machine, with its “multitude of innovations”, and more conventional vending machines.

As for the game plan from here, “[i]nitial deployments will be on ViaTouch machines strategically launched on university campuses, in hotels and hospitals as well as select retail partners,” according to the companies’ announcement.

August 20, 2018 – by Alex Perala