Biometric Tech Used to Secure Women’s Dorm at Beijing University

Beijing Normal University is using biometrics to regulate access to a women’s dormitory, reports The Telegraph.

Biometric Tech Used to Secure Women's Dorm at Beijing UniversityThe system has made entry to the facility fully automated, granting access to registered students based on facial and voice recognition, with students required to say their names and swipe ID cards for entry. It’s designed to keep out any unauthorized personnel, and to generate alerts if students are away from the dorm for more than 24 hours.

The facial recognition component of the system appears to be fairly sophisticated: Speaking to Beijing News, one of the affected students said that because she was registered using photos from multiple angles, the system can recognize her even if she changes her hairstyle.

As The Telegraph notes, facial recognition technology has seen a diverse and increasing number of applications in China, having recently been used to identify runners in a Beijing marathon, and to cut down toilet paper theft at a historic park. Authorities at Beijing Normal University have indicated that they will expand their access control system to nine additional dormitories if the current project proves to be a success.

Source: The Telegraph

May 18, 2017 – by Alex Perala