Biometric System Lets Investigators Search Inmate Calls for Specific Voices

JLG Technologies has announced an upgraded voice recognition technology aimed at giving correctional investigators an innovative surveillance tool. Investigator Pro 4.0 allows users to select a given voice sample from a call recording, and then to search other calls for that same voice.Biometric System Lets Investigators Search Inmate Calls for Specific Voices

In a statement announcing the system, JLG Technologies COO Michael Kester called it “a powerful new tool to uncover gang-related and other high-interest telephone calls,” explaining that it allows investigators to “identify a called party by voice, learn whether other inmates have called that same party, and listen to those additional calls.”

Acquired by law enforcement services provider Securus Technologies in the summer of 2014, JLG is competing in an emerging niche of the biometrics market, against the likes of Global Tel*Link, which launched its own voice recognition system for corrections surveillance last spring. Its latest offering arrives at a time of not only growing interest in biometrics in the law enforcement and corrections sector, but rising awareness of voice recognition technology as it becomes more prominent in other applications such as banking.

August 26, 2016 – by Alex Perala